Online School Management and Fee Payment Software by Digital mis

The internet campus (nursery, school or more education (college or university) Education Software has helped the teachers globally to spend lesser timer in carrying out routines such as taking presence of the students, cross-checking the solution sheets of the terminal examinations and weekly tests and bogged down in paperwork of other necessary regimen processes. Thanks to the software which has given them the liberty of dedicating more time for their students.

The main objective of this application is to give high quality instructing to students so that they excel in their related subjects. Actually this is what the colleges, the teachers and also the parents need.

Online Campus Management Software never messes up with perfection. It always helps in improving the system. It manages information of how student interacts with institution and teachers, it manages the private information and also the healthcare details, it helps to link the gap between parents and school.

Condition important advantage of this application is that parents can keep program their children because teachers type the mid-term grades in it, the progress from the student and also the presence.

Researchers declare students feel valued with these procedures. They feel inspired to play more active role within their education. Their mind is actually, as an aftermath, overflowing and nurtured and they experience an amazing budding.

This particular education management system software also helps the nursery, school or higher education (college) or university management to improve the energy of their teachers by keeping track of time spends by them with the scholars. With this the scholars also find their teacher readily available.

Complete fee Automation
To map the process of School Online Fee Payment Management as well as Online School Fee Payments as a complete end to end automation is possible in School Time, this is how:

Develop Fee Structures once, and map them to an entire classes, the entire class, just a section, several students, or true student.

Depending on your preference, generate debts with a single click to any or all those mapped to the fee.

Send the invoice over email again with a single click after you have verified that the invoice generated is correct.

Students and their parents receive the invoice having a “Payment” button inside the email itself, which when clicked by them, takes them directly to make the payment online (since you have already integrated your choice of payment gateway in School Time).

Post payment, the gateway automatically sends a response code to SchoolTime by which the invoice status is updated to “Paid” without any manual treatment.

Your SchoolTime dashboard automatically shows you paid versus outstanding fee details, no need for producing reports manually.

Send reminders with a single click to only those whose fees are exceptional, without having to manually search for who has paid and who has not.